The Last Straw – Durban ICC joins the anti-straw campaign

The Durban ICC is committed to continuous improvement, not only in the quality of our events, but in all that we undertake to conserve resources, prevent waste and foster environmental sustainability for our community’s quality of life, both now and for the generations to come.

As part of this commitment, the Durban ICC has joined the anti-straw campaign, and from 1st July 2018 onwards plastic straws will no longer be available at the Centre.

Plastic straws are one of the main causes for pollution that are damaging our beautiful oceans and environment.

As an alternative, Biodegradable CPLA straws can be provided at a minimal cost for those guests that require them.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their understanding in this regard and assisting us to reduce our impact on the environment.

CPLA is made by copolymerising lactide (made by fermenting cornstarch, cheese whey, etc.) with aliphatic polyester (e.g.dicarboxylic acid or glycol made from fermentation of glycerol). All are renewable resources. It begins breaking down into a low-molecular weight polymer, in natural environments, after 5-6 months. Complete decomposition after 12 months. When composted with food garbage, it begins breaking down into a low-molecular weight after 2 weeks.

We appeal to all our clients, guests and the general public to be part of this initiative to save our oceans and the environment by opting not to take a straw. We thank you for your understanding and assistance in this regard.