Student and Graduate Programme

The Durban ICC has a proud history of investing in the lives of young people and this continues today through its Student and Graduate programmes, helping Hospitality Students gain skills, knowledge and first-hand experience of the tourism industry.

Student Programme

The Durban ICC offers a Student Programme in partnership with the Durban University of Technology (DUT), UNISA, IHS and other institutions, offering top-performing hospitality students the opportunity to integrate their academic studies with relevant work experience.

The programme’s curriculum is designed so that students rotate every few weeks between the various areas of operation to give the students a firm grounding in their chosen field.

The new structure of the Student Programme has proved to be very successful in imparting skills first-hand at a five-star standard. The on-the-job training and knowledge imparted gives these students a significant advantage and enhances their career prospects upon graduating.

The Durban ICC encourages prospective students to perform to the best of their academic abilities in order to be eligible for selection in future enrolments of the programme.


Graduate Programme

The purpose of the Durban ICC’s graduate programme is to invest in the lives of young people by supplementing the students’ academic qualification with real-world work experience in their chosen field.

The programme is designed to offer on-the-job training to impart vital skills and first-hand knowledge to students who have completed their studies within the previous 24 months or are currently engaged in an Honours programme.

The successful incumbents will be offered a full time position for a period of 24 months.