Security Services at the Durban ICC

security 2The Durban ICC is pleased to announce that the tender for security has been awarded to Khuselani Security & Risk Management (Pty) Ltd (KSA).
As stipulated in the tender document, the appointed security company will have sole rights to manage security at the Durban ICC (which includes the International Convention Centre, Arena and Durban Exhibition Centre).

Thus this letter serves to notify you of the following:

As from 1 June 2015:

1.    All security services required by clients will be procured and managed via the Durban ICC, where it will be mandatory for clients to utilise the appointed Security Service Provider for all event specific security, unless authorisation is granted by the Durban ICC for specialised security not provided for by the Security Service Provider.

2.    The Durban ICC reserves the right to subcontract security services in extreme cases where specific or highly specialised security is so required or where the contracted service provider rates are uncompetitive.

3.    The Durban ICC shall at all times be at liberty, at its own discretion, to permit clients to engage subcontractors of their own choice to offer the required specialised security services. This will however be subject to a very specific set of terms and conditions and at the Durban ICC’s sole discretion.

Please be advised that:

4.    Quotations, in respect of existing contracts, submitted by various security service providers prior to the award of the Security tender will be honoured by the Durban ICC.

5.    This new arrangement excludes Health and Safety services.

For any specific queries in this regard, please contact the Risk Manager, Mr Etienne Erlank (etiennee@icc.co.za).