Q & A with Fred Hattingh

Fred  HattinghFred Hattingh was recently appointed as the Senior Human Resources Manager at the Durban ICC. We took some time to get to know him and hear about his plans for the future:

1.    How do you feel about your appointment as the Senior Human Resource Manager?
I am very excited to be afforded the opportunity to make a difference to the Durban ICC and be involved in the making of strategic decisions. I believe that through the correct provision of HR services, employees are able to perform at an optimal level.

2.    Briefly describe your career leading up to this point?
I have over 20 years’ experience in the HR field acquired in the areas of talent management, training and development, quality assurance, HR Compliance, organisational development, skills retention and skills planning.

3.    How does the Durban ICC value the HR department?
The Durban ICC sees and values the HR Department as a strategic partner to the business that has an impact on business performance. The Durban ICC views the HR department‘s fundamental role to be: to assist the company in the attainment of its overall objectives through sourcing and retention of critical talent, capacity building, employee wellness, optimising employee conditions, enhancing performance and contributing to the overall business plan.

4.    What are your bedrock principles and how do you implement them in your department?
The principles of fairness; confidentiality and objectivity are our cornerstones and ensure that the department always deals with employees according to the highest levels of international best practice.

5.    What can the Durban ICC team look forward to from the HR department?
The alignment of training programmes to career development and overall organisational development. We also provide HR services through a customer-centred approach. The organisation aims to create an environment where the employees feel valued and where they can make a meaningful contribution to the success of the business.

6.    What are your future goals at the Durban ICC?
It is my ambition to help the Durban ICC be an employer of choice, where employees are inspired to be part of a world class organization. Employees should be free to unleash their true potential and be given the opportunity to contribute to the organization’s long term goals.