21 Years of Changing Lives Celebrated

The Durban International Convention Centre (Durban ICC) today launched its 21st anniversary celebration campaign through a series of nationwide events leading up to an exclusive gala dinner on 27 October 2018.

Africa’s leading convention centre will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the various stakeholders that have helped Durban ICC earn this prestigious title are acknowledged and appreciated for their contributions towards the organisation’s success.

“The rationale for extending the celebrations is to ensure inclusivity and the participation of our key clients, industry partners, members of the wider community and other stakeholders who will be hosted through a series of events from now until October,” said Lindiwe Rakharebe, Durban ICC’s Chief Executive Officer.

“The stakeholders who have travelled this journey with us must equally be celebrated as they have been instrumental in helping to drive positive change in society and empowering ordinary South Africans.”
Rakharebe added that 2018 also marked 100 years since the birth of anti-apartheid stalwart, Nelson Mandela, who officially opened the Durban ICC in 1997.

The socio-economic impact created by the existence of the ICC with support from various stakeholder groups resonates with the theme “21 Years of Changing Lives”.

Durban was the first South African city to establish an international convention centre and was the trailblazer in the growth and development of the business tourism industry in the country. The Durban ICC makes a significant contribution to the tourism industry by attracting international delegates to South Africa.

Over the years, the Centre’s local, provincial and national contribution to the economy has been significant with over R34.4 billion being generated towards South Africa’s GDP. The majority of this contribution directly benefited the KwaZulu-Natal Gross Geographic Product over the same period to the tune of R 32.6 billion.

“As we evolve as a thought leader in the international events space, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering an unforgettable event experience for all our guests.

“Whilst operating in a responsible and profitable manner, care will be taken to ensure that the positive socio-economic impact to the citizens of Durban is heartfelt,” concluded Rakharebe.