Going the extra mile … without shoes!

The Durban International Convention Centre takes immense pride in ensuring our guests’ experience takes first priority.
In a recent review posted on a popular customer service website, one of the Durban ICC’s managers was acknowledged for proving not only what it means to be a good employee but also what it means to be a Good Samaritan.

The Durban ICC’s Sales and Events Project Manager, Ms Gwyn Heaton, recently witnessed a client in a predicament when her shoe heel broke while rushing off to her company’s award event taking place at the Centre. Upon seeing this, Gwyn immediately offered her own shoes to the client so that she could receive her award.

The client posted the following comment thanking the Durban ICC staff member for her assistance: “The comment read as follows, “On Friday 29 May was our Company Service Awards at the Durban ICC where I was to be collecting my 15th Year award. As I reached the top of the escalator my shoe broke. Two of the ICC ladies that were on the floor at the time, saw me stumble and asked if I was okay. They ushered my husband and I over to a bench to assess what had happened. I told them my shoe heel had just broken. One of the ladies insisted that I take her shoes. I was so embarrassed that my shoe broke and that someone was offering their shoes to me that I didn’t even get your name. Thank you so much for going the extra mile, I only wish that I had gotten your name.

Commenting on the incident, Gwyn noted, “I simply put myself in the guest’s place and did what I would have expected from a five-star convention centre.” Thank you, Gwyn, for your selfless gesture and true compassion. The Durban ICC team is proud of you!