eThekwini’s City Clean Up Master Plan

DurbanTourism_005 cThe ‘Clean Up Master Plan’ was initiated last year in response to the social ills and service delivery issues documented in the City. It involves clean-up operations, identification of maintenance challenges, by-law enforcement as well as an education drive to change and influence people’s attitudes toward keeping their City clean.

The city has been demarcated into six districts in order to manage the plan effectively. Critical to the success of the plan is the involvement of businesses and owners of the buildings in the city.

Communities are urged to participate in the initiative by cleaning up their local public spaces, homes and workplaces, to demonstrate their commitment to a clean, well maintained and safe environment in the city of Durban.

The eThekwini Municipality has released by-laws in an effort to improve the appearance of the city. These by laws aim to rid the city of nuisances and calls on all businesses and building owners to ensure their premises are constantly maintained in order to give the city a better presence.

The Clean Up Master Plan also aims to address environmental challenges and ensure that, together, all Durbanites build a sustainable city. This is a coordinated approach and involves Municipal departments as well as other stakeholders such as the community, business, and Non-Governmental Organisations, police, national and provincial government departments.

The City has considered the needs of people and adjusted the Clean Up Master Plan accordingly in order to make this the kind of city we can all be proud of. The Municipality has adopted an inclusive approach where everyone who lives in eThekwini takes ownership and pride at turning it around.