Durban ICC Chefs invited to cook for Ambassador’s Freedom Day Celebrations

The Durban ICC was honoured as South Africa’s ambassador to Cote d’Ivoire, Ambassador Dayanand Naidoo, invited our Culinary team to be part of the Freedom Day celebrations in the capital city of Abidjan on the 27th of April.

The Centre has a long history of culinary excellence, largely thanks to Executive Chef, John Moatshe, who has been part of the Durban ICC team since its inception.

The culinary brief for this event was to prepare dishes that best represent South African culture. Moatshe and Reuben made us proud as they showcased their culinary skills and presented various traditional South African dishes ranging from venison biltong and dry wors to boerewors and milk tarts.

Commenting on the experience, Moatshe noted, “The Durban ICC is always pleased to be part of events that uplift our City and our Country internationally. The invitation came as a result of our reputation; the Centre having been voted “Africa’s Leading Meetings and Conference Centre” no less than 15 times.”

He also spoke about his experience while in Abidjan saying, “It was a wonderful experience. We had the opportunity to give the people of Abidjan a taste of our cuisine which they enjoyed very much. We also got to experience the foods and culture of the Ivory Coast; it would definitely be a place I would like to visit again with my family”.
Moatshe chose Assistant Chef Diandra Reuben, to join the team which travelled to Abidjan. Reuben is part of the Durban ICC’s Graduate Programme and busy completing her 12-month internship at the Centre.

Reuben prepared some delicious Indian items which were also a crowd-pleaser. The excitement was written all over her face when she recounted her experience in Abidjan, saying, “This was a great experience for me as it was my first international trip. The people in Abidjan were very friendly and welcoming and I got learn a different culture. I am very grateful to the Durban ICC for making this possible for me and very thankful to our CEO, Ms Lindiwe Rakharebe and Chef John for this great opportunity and for believing in me. I know this experience will open more doors for me in the future.”

Ambassador Naidoo expressed gratitude for the support received from the Durban ICC. “Our successful event, as a result of your contribution, helped project the image that we desired in terms of our mandate. It projected a South Africa where we all, irrespective of our past, can come together to move South Africa forward. We were able to promote South Africa in a deeper sense, it elevated our standing in Cote d’lvoire as we seek to strengthen and consolidate our bilateral relations in pursuit of our national interests, the African agenda and the agenda of South Africa” said Naidoo.