Contractor Induction

In order for the Durban ICC to offer a safe and controlled working environment, all contractors, suppliers and service providers are required to be registered on the Durban ICC EBMS database and wear an accreditation badge/card (to identify those who have been inducted) as well as a colour-coded wristband (which allows Security Personnel to identify and control access to only those persons accredited to be in specific venues for specific events)

Legislation requires that all contractors, suppliers and service providers delivering a service at the Durban ICC, whether it be for the venue or any of its clients, are required to undergo a brief Health & Safety induction.

Download the Contractor Induction, Accreditation and Access Procedure

Should you require any specific information regarding the induction process, please contact the Durban ICC Health and Safety Officer, Ebrahim Yusuf by emailing ebrahimy@icc.co.za.