4th World Tamils Economic Conference 2017

16 - 18 Nov
4th World Tamils Economic Conference 2017

The World Economic Conference presents a unique, dynamic, three-day forum of not-to-be-missed networking experiences.

The International conference is to be organized by the World Tamils Economic Foundation and Madras Development Society:

  • To promote Dialogue among Tamils, Indian brothers and sisters, with the business community and professionals worldwide
  • To create close cooperation and partnership for economic development
  • To explore the opportunities for higher education, professional education, Research and Development, for enrichment of knowledge towards economic development
  • To educate and encourage women to take up independent business, professional assignments
  • To promote networking among professionals like Advocates, Architects, Chartered Accountants, Consultants, Doctors, Engineers, Managers and Teachers
  • To promote Business Communication and to create awareness on employment opportunities, professional assignments for economic development
  • To bring Policy Makers, Government officials, Community leaders, Economists, Ministers, Heads of Governments to discuss economic development for the betterment of living towards peace and communal harmony
  • To create good will, peace among the world community for peaceful living for economic development.
  • For financial assistance for projects and business development through banks, Financial Institutions and Funding Agencies.
Date From To
16/11/2017 09h00 18h00
17/11/2017 09h00 18h00
18/11/2017 09h00 18h00

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